[Tech Talk] Advanced Service Mesh – Build and Manage Multi-Cloud Applications Using Kuma - Webinar

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A service mesh helps to make service communication more secure, reliable and traceable in distributed system architectures. In connection with the topic of service mesh, we often think of terms such as microservices, containers or Kubernetes; i.e. terms from the orbit of modern design methods, architectural approaches or technologies. Of course, everything is usually cloud-based.

In reality, however, the world is not quite so simple: IT system landscapes today are very heterogeneous and system landscapes have grown over the years, with a colorful mix of architectural patterns and runtime platforms having emerged. Kubernetes-based workloads are possibly distributed across one or more public cloud providers. This brings with it a whole range of new questions, e.g. how to securely bring together multiple clouds or how applications that cannot be operated in a containerized manner can benefit from the advantages of a mesh.

In this presentation Sven and Fabian will talk about:
– How a service mesh can help to easily build and manage multi-cloud applications
– How to design a multi-cloud, multi-cluster mesh
– Handle aspects like security or observability consistently without the need for implementation changes

Within the session we’ll also share our practical experiences in the field and demo how easy to get started with manageable and reliable multi-cloud Applications.

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[Tech Talk] Advanced Service Mesh - Build and Manage Multi-Cloud Applications Using Kuma | Kong Inc. (konghq.com)
Date & Time
November 17, 2022
11:00 PM 11:30 PM Asia/Jakarta

PT. Sistema Datapilar

Operation Office | Menara Batavia Lt. 14
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav.126
Jakarta Pusat DKI 10220
--PT. Sistema Datapilar--
(021) 5722 381 - 82
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--PT. Sistema Datapilar--
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