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Join ForgeRock to learn about our next-generation workforce solutions and their use cases, with live demonstrations of: Enterprise Connect – A modern multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for enterprise infrastructure that helps prevent unauthorized access while improving user experiences and productivity. Workforce Identity Management SaaS – A cloud-native identity management solution that helps you fully automate the employee and contractor lifecycle. Identity Governance SaaS – An IGA solution that helps to increase workforce productivity, achieve regulatory compliance, and boost operational efficiencies with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) that analyzes identity data and identifies inappropriate and overprovisioned access. Attend this live session with Q&A to learn: * How to protect the most vulnerable enterprise resources from costly data breaches * How to accelerate remote workforce access and increase productivity * How to onboard employees, contractors, and business applications in minutes * What to look for in an AI-driven identity governance solution

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Date & Time
January 31, 2023
9:30 AM 10:15 AM Asia/Jakarta

PT. Sistema Datapilar

Operation Office | Menara Batavia Lt. 14
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav.126
Jakarta Pusat DKI 10220
--PT. Sistema Datapilar--
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PT. Sistema Datapilar

--PT. Sistema Datapilar--

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