The Top Customer Experience Trends Driving Digital Transformation in 2022

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Why Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is Imperative In what seems like a flash, the pandemic has forever changed customer expectations across industries and generations. In response, global enterprises and large public-sector organizations have initiated massive reinvention efforts focused on digital transformation. So, what are the top customer trends driving digital transformation? And how can your organization address them to acquire and retain customers for greater revenue, increase security, reduce costs, and future-proof the business? Learn how in this two-part webinar series covering the customer experience landscape and innovations in customer identity and access management (CIAM) technology. Register today for part one: The Top Customer Experience Trends Driving Digital Transformation in 2022. Join us for an informative session, including live Q&A, with ForgeRock and Accenture experts discussing: - The customer experience trends pushing organizations to modernize - The cost benefit for organizations that get customer experience right - Why many enterprise organizations face challenges with customer experience demands - How enterprise-grade CIAM can solve customer experience challenges, increase revenues, mitigate risk, and reduce costs - How global organizations, such as the BBC, BMW, and Geico, are exceeding customer expectations with enterprise CIAM We hope to see you there! Join us for part two. Register now for the second webinar in the series, Best Practices for Customer Identity: How to Evaluate CIAM Providers.
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